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Jersey Display, Football Jersey Cases, Baseball Jersey Displays, Hockey jersey Case

Jersey Display, Football Jersey Cases, Baseball Jersey Displays, Hockey Jersey Case

Your search for a jersey case has brought you to our site. Jersey Display Cases, Basketball Jersey Display Cases and Football Jersey Display Case Baseball Jersey Display Cases and Hockey Jersey Display Cases as well as all other signed or autographed sports memorabilia jackets or shirts and uniforms are here.
This style jersey display case is built for all sports jerseys. Basketball jersey, baseball, hockey and football jerseys. These can be used for jackets, shirts, and uniforms. Just about anything you might need to display on a wall and protect. This jersey case like all of jersey cases have over 300 free combinations of options to create your own custom jersey display case.


jersey display cases

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This Jersey Case looks great and has quality that is unbeatable and at a fair price. The Jersey Display Cases shown above are 44 X 28 and 3 1/2" deep in size. It comes with an acrylic sliding front door. This jersey case comes with many options to help create a custom jersey display case and comes with the picture frame trim. This display case is made to simply hang a jersey inside the display case on the adjustable cross bar as shown.

Prices for CrossBar Jersey Case w/Sliding Door are as follows:

ITEM #              DESCRIPTION                                PRICE

XJ3-O.........Oak CrossBar Jersey Display Case w/Sliding Door...............................$190
XJ3-C.........Cherry CrossBar Jersey Display Case w/Sliding Door...........................$240

Additional options for Cross Bar Jersey Display Case w/Sliding Door are:

*On oak wood you have the choice of no stain, a light golden pecan color, a medium brown color, dark ebony color or red mahogany (reddish brown) color stain. Finish is your choice of satin or gloss finish.

*On cherry wood you have choice of no stain, cherry, or dark red mahogany color stains.

*Inside felt background color. Colors available are white,red,orange,maroon,purple,hunter green,bright yellow,brown,ice blue, auqa,rose,black,navy blue,royal blue,tan,kelly green,gray,yellow/gold,baby blue,off white and pink.

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