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  • Acrylic blocks solid or

    acrylic bases

    can be custom sized. Beveled edges and square edges, and corner cuts. Made of solid crystal clear acrylic. Acrylic is also called Lucite or Plexiglass.acrylic round block Polished to a crystal clear shine in any size you might need. Our thickest solid acrylic block we have will be four inches thick and as thin as 1/8 inch. If you dont see the size acrylic bases you need listed just ask.

    Acrylic Display Boxes

    or Cases

    Our acrylic display cases and acrylic boxes for raffles or ballot boxes come in an endless number of sizes. If you need locks, hinged door, pull knobs, shelves or a sliding door we can install those as well. Lucite showcases for wall mounting with shelves in several sizes will hold a wide range of smaller items such as knives, lighters, model cars, pens, or belt buckles to name a few. Lucite wall show cases can be fabricated to your specs with mirror backs as well. The acrylic display case we also build on site in Ohio and will be of the highest quality acrylic. All our acrylic displays come with a 100% quality guarantee. Custom acrylic boxes with shelves, lids or doors also available as very competitive prices. Acrylic display cases for your lipstick and nail polish. Belts, ties, shirts and shoes and other items you would like to display and protect. We also have available HUNDREDS of acrylic risers stands and jewelry displays.

    Cosmetic and Apperal


    Cosmetic Acrylic Body Outlines and Belt Displays or Necktie Holder. Shirt Easels and Hosiery Bins along with Clutch Bags Displays.

    Acrylic Doll Displays

    Doll display cases come in acrylic or glass. Doll cases will come with several free options for a custom doll case. Doll holders from 6 inch tall up to 30 inch tall lucite are available. We can fabricate almost any size acrylic doll display cases you might want. The sizes is unlimited.

    Guitar Display Cases

    Guitar display cases for both electric or accustic guitars in acrylic or wood. Our oak and cherry wood framed guitar display cases will give any autographed guitar the added touch it deserves. These guitar show cases also come with free options to create a custom display case.

    Acrylic Easels

    Acrylic easels, Plexi-glass easels, Lucite Easels, Stands, Holders, Displays easels with many shapes and sizes.Acrylic Easel Many will also have more than one easel height. These acrylic easels are of top quality and hand crafted with care for a wide variety of uses.

    Eyewear Displays

    Eyewear and acrylic display cases for eyewear. Displays can hold one single pair or 96 frames. An endless number of styles for table top, wall mount, free standing and floor models to choose from, to display and protect. Check the slatwall section for more eyewear displays.

    Jewelry Displays

    Acrylic jewelry displays for nearly any type of jewelry you might need. We have quality acrylic jewelry displays for watches and bracelets. As well as earring holders in several styles. Ring displays or rings holders also in many styles to hold one or several rings. Our necklace displays or holders are available to hold several necklaces or one necklace in many popular ways. Affordable jewelry displays and holders in crystal clear acrylic is in stock.

    Literature Holders

    crylic Literature Displays and sign Holders for brochures, catalogs, post cards, greeting card newpaper, posters, business cards, photo and signs as well as frames, books and much more.

    Acrylic Risers

    Acrylic risers, plexiglass or lucite riser and stands come in any size and shape. We guarantee that we will beat any price on our basic risers. If you find the exact regular style risers ata lower price from a legitimate competitor we will beat it by 15%. Plexi-glass risers, acrylic easels, steps, holders, or stairs are here in the thousands. Acrylic riser can be short risers, tall, narrow, wide and even multi tiered risers. We also offer custom risers. We can fabricate any size acrylic riser on site and ship usually in just a few days if needed.

    Slatwall Holders

    Acrylic slatwall holders and shelves. Acrylic slatwall bins, shelves, trays and holders.

    Sphere, Egg, Ball


    isplays to hold balls, eggs, spheres and other round shaped items. We have a number of styles for table top display, to choose from. We also have available HUNDREDS of acrylic risers, stands, and jewelry displays.

    Acrylic Showcases

    Acrylic Locking Show cases with shelves. Hexagon Cases with Shelves and Acrylic Dormer Style Showcases.

    Steps and Stairs

    Acrylic steps and stairs of all types are on this page. From a simple two step acrylic stand, up to several steps in many different configurations are available.

    Baseball Display Cases

    Baseball dispay cases to hold 1-50 baseballs. Baseball jersey, cap and ball bat holders as well. Baseball bat display cases to hold one to nine baseball bats with several Free options. Batting helmet full size and mini helmet display cases with several free options. Many styles of baseball showcases come with free options to create a custom baseball trophy cabinet.

    Baseball Bat Display


    Baseball bat display cases now come in several styles holds 1-9 baseball bats as low as $19 for one bat. Each bat display case will come with several Free options.Baseball Bat Display Cases Baseball bat cases in lucite, solid oak and cherry wood. Baseball cap, baseball glove and bases all have display cases available. Sports cards display case to hold up to 50 baseball cards in wood or acrylic.

    Basketball Display


    Acrylic Basketball display cases at $62. Basketball case in glass start at $86. Both style basketball display cases come with several free options. Basketball jersey and shoe display cases also available with many free options to help create a basketball display just for you.

    Guitar, Sword, Rifle

    Show cases

    We can manufacture a wall display for most any rifle, hand gun sword and electric or acoustic guitar in sevarl styles with endless options.

    Football Display Cases

    Acrylic football display cases start at $62. Our glass Football display case start at $86. All football cases have our quality guarantees. Football holders included. Full size football displays come with sevreal free options. Displays to hold up multipule footballs. Football jersey, full and mini size helmet display cases as well in several sizes and free options helps to create a custom football display case.

    Helmet Display Cases

    Football Helmet Display Cases from Display Case Art are made of glass and acrylic. Acrylic is also known as Plexi-glass or lucite. Several styles of helmet cases for wall mount and table top display will be found here on this page. Helmet Display Cases All of the acrylic helmet displays top cover will be the same exact size 11 x 14 x 11 tall. The differences are the bases. Our glass football helmet display cases also all have the same size top cover, the only difference is also the bases. We have several >Mini helmet display cases that hold one up to sixteen mini helmets. Be sure to check out our football displays. They also come in several styles.

    Hockey NHL Displays

    Hockey puck and hockey stick display cases are also with many free options. Hockey jersey show case or shadow box display cases that you will be very proud to display your hockey memorabilia. Our hockey stick and jersey cases come with over 300 free options to create a custom stick or jersey display at the cost our competition charges for a plan standard jersey case.

    Jersey Display Cases

    The jersey display cases we manufacture on site here in Ohio come with our quality guarantee. Football, Basketball, Hockey and baseball jersey cases have over 300 FREE combinations to create a custom jersey display case at unbeatable prices. All of our jersey display cases, shirt or jacket displays come with our price and quality guarantee.

    McFarlane and Slus

    3000 Slus and McFarlane sports figure in stock and on Sale NOW. We have complete sets all 132 figures of the 1989 football starting lineup figures. As well as a complete set of 1990 football slu figures. We also have about 50 of the 1988 kenner slu football figures. Then all the other years up to 2000 we have nearly all figures in the set. We have in stock 150 Mcfarlane football figures. Including variants and hard to find chse figures. all figures come with a full refund condition return policy. In over 20 years of dealing figures we only had 3-5 returns in thousand of purchases. You can be confident that what we grade the figure at will be what you get. Also we do have many, many kenner starting lineup baseball, basketball and hockey figures in stock as well.

    Mini Helmet Display


    Mini helmet displays hold 1 up to 16 mini football helmets. We have acrylic mini-helmet showcases that hold 1, 2, 5, 8, 12 and 16 mini helmets. We have nascar racing,baseball batting, and football mini helmet displays. All in Acrylic, Oak and cherry wood. Wood mini helmet showcases hold 5-16 mini helmets..

    Nascar Diecast Display


    Acrylic nascar diecast display cases for 1/24, 1/64, 1/18, 1/43 scale cars will hold one car up to 108 cars with mirror backs or not. Plexiglass 1/43 scale nascar displays hold 1 up to 14 cars. Acrylic display cases in 1/24 scale sizes will hold 1 up to 21 nascar cars. Our solid cherry and oak wood nascar diecast display cases come with glass shelves and look great. Mirror backs can be added. These come in 1/24 scale sizes. Wood 1/24 scale nascar show cases to hold 5, 8, 12, 15 and 21 diecast cars.

    Shadow Boxes

    Shadow boxes have over 300 FREE options to create a custom shadow box for your prized keepsake. Military awards shadow boxes, U.S. flag display cases, Burial flag display cases or Memorial flag display cases and U.S. flag shadow boxes. Shadow box displays have over 300 FREE combinations to create a custom jersey display case at unbeatable prices. All of our jersey display cases come with our price and quality guarantee.

    Display Case Art Inc.

    Has been in business and online now nearly 20 years. You can find acrylic display case for all sports memorabilia and collectibles that are built by a small family owned business in the state of Ohio. With the huge variety of acrylic or plexi-glass displays we have, why go anyplace else? Displays for gifts or trade show and exhibit presentations. If your company needs risers, blocks or an acrylic display cases or need that special team or players autographed sports memorabilia protected, then we can help. Some of our customers include: New York City Hall, Museum of New York, Museum of Kansas City, Petra Construction, Universal Studios of CA, Harley Davidson, Michael Jordan, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Browns, Oklahoma City Thunder, Several other Museums, Professional Athletes, businesses, and thousands of single individual collectors.